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30 Most Read Articles
1 PC-based artifi cial neural network inversion for airborne time-domain electromagnetic data* 2012 Vol.9(1):1-8
ZHU Kai-Guang, MA Ming-Yao, CHE Hong-Wei, YANG 二Wei, JI Yan-Ju, YU Sheng-Bao, LIN Jun [Abstract] (3938) [PDF 682KB] (2018)
2 Calculations of rock matrix modulus based on a linear regression relation 2011 Vol.8(3):155-162
HE Xi-Lei, HE Zhen-Hua, WANG Rui-Liang, WANG Xu-Ben, JIANG Lian [Abstract] (3207) [PDF 220KB] (3839)
3 Interval Q inversion based on zero-offset VSP data and applications 2014 Vol.11(2):235-244
ZHANG Gu-Lan, WANG Xi-Ming, HE Zhen-Hua, CAO Jun-Xing, LI Ke-恩, RONG Jiao-Jun [Abstract] (3091) [PDF 1568KB] (9546)
4 Improved hybrid iterative optimization method for seismic full waveform inversion 2013 Vol.10(3):265-277
WANG Yi, DONG Liang-Guo, LIU Yu-Zhu [Abstract] (3086) [PDF 1289KB] (2389)
5 Self-adapting extraction of matrix mineral bulk modulus and verifi cation of fl uid substitution 2011 Vol.8(2):110-116
LIN Kai, XIONG Xiao-Jun, YANG Xiao, HE Zhen-Hua, CAO Jun-Xing, ZHANG Xi-Hua, WANG Ping [Abstract] (2956) [PDF 1621KB] (2456)
6 Seismic data denoising based on learning-type overcomplete dictionaries* 2012 Vol.9(1):27-32
TANG Gang, MA Jian-Wei, YANG Hui-Zhu [Abstract] (2696) [PDF 1142KB] (2670)
7 Study on algorithms of low SNR inversion of T2 spectrum in NMR 2011 Vol.8(3):233-238
LIN Feng, WANG Zhu-Wen, LI Jing-Ye, ZHANG Xue-Ang, JIANG Yu-Long [Abstract] (2681) [PDF 279KB] (2215)
8 Noise filtering of full-gravity gradient tensor data 2013 Vol.10(3):241-250
YUAN Yuan, HUANG Da-Nian, YU Qing-Lu, GENG Mei-Xia [Abstract] (2572) [PDF 1470KB] (2221)
9 Seismic attribute extraction based on HHT and its application in a marine carbonate area 2011 Vol.8(2):125-133
HUANG Ya-Ping, GENG Jian-Hua, ZHONG Guang-Fa, GUO Tong-Lou, PU Yong, DING Kong-Yun, MA Ji-Qiang [Abstract] (2545) [PDF 4399KB] (2394)
10 Irregular seismic data reconstruction based on exponential threshold model of POCS method 2010 Vol.7(3):229-238
GAO Jian-Jun, CHEN Xiao-Hong, LI Jing-Ye, LIU Guo-Chang, MA Jian [Abstract] (2538) [PDF 3876KB] (1428)
11 Studies on phase and group velocities from acoustic logging* 2012 Vol.9(1):108-113
WANG Jing, CHEN De-Hua, ZHANG Hai-Lan, ZHANG Xiu-Mei, HE Xiao, WANG Xiu-Ming [Abstract] (2451) [PDF 509KB] (2679)
12 Seismic random noise suppression using an adaptive nonlocal means algorithm 2013 Vol.10(1):33-40
SHANG Shuai, HAN Li-Guo, 吕Qing-Tian , TAN Chen-Qing [Abstract] (2427) [PDF 1134KB] (2100)
13 The algorithm of 3D multi-scale volumetric curvature and its application* 2012 Vol.9(1):65-72
CHEN Xue-Hua, YANG Wei, HE Zhen-Hua, ZHONG Wen-Li, WEN Xiao-Tao [Abstract] (2423) [PDF 1073KB] (14016)
14 Frequency domain wave equation forward modeling using gaussian elimination with static pivoting 2011 Vol.8(1):60-68
SONG Jian-Yong, ZHENG Xiao-Dong, ZHANG Yan, XU Ji-Xiang, QIN Zhen, SONG Xue-Juan [Abstract] (2328) [PDF 1265KB] (1552)
15 Influence of inaccurate wavelet phase estimation on seismic inversion 2011 Vol.8(1):48-59
YUAN San-Yi, WANG Shang-Xu [Abstract] (2302) [PDF 2231KB] (1626)
16 Numerical modeling of PP- and PS-wave azimuthal anisotropy in HTI media 2012 Vol.9(4):429-439
QIAN Zhong-Ping, ZHANG Shao-Hua, ZHAO Bo, LEI Na, LI Xiang-Yang [Abstract] (2283) [PDF 1517KB] (2156)
17 An iterative curvelet thresholding algorithm for seismic random noise attenuation 2010 Vol.7(4):315-324
WANG De-Li, TONG Zhong-Fei, TANG Chen, ZHU Heng [Abstract] (2266) [PDF 1614KB] (1545)
18 Wave equation tomographic velocity inversion method based on the Born/Rytov approximation 2013 Vol.10(3):314-322
ZHANG Kai, YIN Zheng, LI Zhen-Chun, CHEN Yong-Rui [Abstract] (2259) [PDF 1367KB] (1978)
19 Relation between relative permeability and hydrate saturation in Shenhu area, South China Sea 2014 Vol.11(2):207-214
LI Chuan-Hui, ZHAO Qian, XU Hong-Jun, FENG Kai, LIU Xue-Wei [Abstract] (2250) [PDF 868KB] (1173)
20 Key parameter optimization and analysis of stochastic seismic inversion* 2012 Vol.9(1):49-56
HUANG Zhe-Yuan, GAN Li-Deng, DAI Xiao-Feng, LI Ling-Gao, WANG Jun [Abstract] (2243) [PDF 1053KB] (2181)
21 Analyzing the mid-low porosity sandstone dry frame in central Sichuan based on effective medium theory 2011 Vol.8(3):163-170
Yan Xin-Fei, Yao Feng-Chang,Cao Hong,Ba Jing,Hu Lian-Lian and Yang Zhi-Fang [Abstract] (2224) [PDF 280KB] (2426)
22 Wavefield simulation in porous media saturated with two immiscible fluids 2010 Vol.7(1):57-65
TIAN Ying-Chun, MA Jian-Wei, YANG Hui-Zhu [Abstract] (2222) [PDF 901KB] (1110)
23 Seismic noise attenuation using nonstationary polynomial fitting 2011 Vol.8(1):18-26
LIU Guo-Chang, CHEN Xiao-Hong, LI Jing-Ye, DU Jing, SONG Jia-Wen [Abstract] (2206) [PDF 1145KB] (1824)
24 Complex seismic wavefield interpolation based on the Bregman iteration method in the sparse transform domain 2014 Vol.11(3):277-288
GOU Fu-Yan, LIU Cai, LIU Yang, FENG Xuan, CUI Fang-Zi [Abstract] (2205) [PDF 1984KB] (1635)
25 Interpolation of near offset using surface-related multiples 2011 Vol.8(3):225-232
GUO Shu-Juan, LI Zhen-Chun, TONG Zhao-Qi, MA Fang-Zheng, LIU Jian-Hui [Abstract] (2204) [PDF 808KB] (1816)
26 A rock-physical modeling method for carbonate reservoirs at seismic scale 2013 Vol.10(1):1-13
LI Jing-Ye, CHEN Xiao-Hong [Abstract] (2204) [PDF 1128KB] (2277)
27 Fractional S transform – Part 1: Theory* 2012 Vol.9(1):73-79
XU De-Ping, GUO Ke [Abstract] (2189) [PDF 696KB] (2020)
28 Gas reservoir identifi cation by seismic AVO attributes on fluid substitution* 2012 Vol.9(2):139-148
LI Jing-Ye [Abstract] (2180) [PDF 1283KB] (2172)
29 Edge enhancement of gravity anomalies and gravity gradient tensors using an improved small sub-domain filtering method* 2012 Vol.9(2):119-130
JIANG Fu-Yu, GAO Li-Kun [Abstract] (2159) [PDF 2611KB] (2124)
30 Geophysical data sparse reconstruction based on L0-norm minimization 2013 Vol.10(2):181-190
CHEN Guo-Xin, CHEN Sheng-Chang, WANG Han-Chuang, ZHANG Bo [Abstract] (2127) [PDF 1170KB] (2786)
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