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About Journal

Applied Geophysics
1. Background Information
Considering the rapid development of geophysics in China and the need to participate in international exchange and cooperation, the Applied Geophysics journal was started in July, 2004, by the Chinese Geophysical Society. Bearing in mind the mission of international information exchange, Applied Geophysics is an authoritative, specialized, journal aiming to publish the best research and achievements in geophysical science in China and also to publish the research and practices of geophysicists from around the world. The cooperation with Springer will raise the journal to an even higher international standard and accelerate the realization of the aims above.

2. Description of the Journal
Aims: The journal is designed to provide a forum for a broad blend of academic and industry papers to promote rapid communication and exchange of ideas between Chinese and world-wide geophysicists. The multidisciplinary characteristic of this field is typified by providing the readers with a wide range of high-quality articles in geoscience and applied geophysics from universities, scientific research institutions, and related companies. In addition, this publication, the only comprehensive periodical of applied geophysics in China in printed form, carries the mission of introducing Chinese academic achievements to the world by demonstrating the unique features and special abilities found in the application and development of geophysics in China.
Scope: The publication covers the applications of geoscience, geophysics, and related disciplines in the fields of energy, resources, environment, disaster, engineering, information, military, and surveying. It mainly focuses on important progress and scientific achievements in geophysics and related disciplines, including new theories, viewpoints, techniques, approaches, products, and discoveries; comprehensive interdisciplinary applications; advanced scientific research and important scientific activities; and the application of new techniques in geophysics and related practical experience.
The editorial board consists of both domestic and overseas editors to ensure a high publication standard and to attract increasing numbers of international submissions.
Applied Geophysics (ISSN 1672-7975) publishes four issues per year (March, June, September, and December) with each issue containing about 64 pages. The average size of each paper ranges between 4 and 10 pages. A title index is given in the last issue of each year.

3. Features of this volume
Featured hot spots for Chinese geophysical studies are:
Geologic-geophysical research on the deep earth crust
Exploration for mineral resources and energy
Prediction of natural disasters and the research of important environmental variations
Geophysical surveys in engineering and construction
Research and development of geophysical instruments

4. Editorial Board
The editorial board consists of ten subeditors who are geophysicists and PhD advisors with rich research and practical experience in geophysics. There is an editorial committee consisting of 60 experts and scholars from universities and institutes, some of whom are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering.
5. Readership
Within Mainland China, the main readers are scientific investigators or students in geoscience and geophysics, including those in related fields.
Outside Mainland China, the main readers are geophysical investigators or students who want to know more about the progress of geoscience and geophysics work in China. The readers will be able to glean some useful ideas from the journal for their own investigations. It is hoped that these readers will be encouraged to contact and join together in collaborations with the journal authors published to achieve international exchange and cooperation.

6. Market Positioning
Currently, the main subscribers to the journal are libraries, institutions, and individuals, with the majority of the subscriptions residing in Mainland China. It is hoped that the aims of the journal can be realized by marketing it to significantly more libraries and institutions outside of China. Since the field of geophysics is so specialized around the world, the successful marketing of this journal first depends on attracting well-published scientists to submit their work to the journal.


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